Meet MEG

MEG (who's formally known as Monthly Engaged Giving) is committed to lasting relationships. She may be young but she’s precocious. She knows the monthly giving concept is highly desirable in the erratic cash flow world of nonprofits. Yet she’s observed that it’s frequently little more than an obscure online option or check box on a reply card of a traditional mailing. Not surprisingly, those tactics rarely succeed in building a significant body of consistent monthly givers. According to MEG, that’s because they are neither strategic nor engaging.

Engaged is her middle name
When MEG is involved, the emphasis is always on the word "Engaged." As a specialist in marketing, giver recruiting and donor stewardship centered on monthly giving, she’s all about relationships.

MEG understands the psychology of involved giving and capitalizes on changing attitudes toward giving in today’s culture. And she knows the statistics. Monthly givers stay for an average of 4 years. Plus, 42% of monthly donors give a one-time gift in their first two years. MEG is all about building ongoing relationships.

MEG replaces the "yearly transaction" mindset
MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, is a transformative approach to individual donor fundraising. Dramatically more efficient and effective, MEG replaces the “yearly transaction” mindset that defines traditional Annual Giving programs.

Appealing to donors to make an easy, automatic recurring gift and engaging them on an ongoing basis, MEG attracts new donors and endears current supporters. By producing additional giving that is more consistent, MEG reduces the cash flow stress that many nonprofits face monthly.

A turn-key methodology, MEG includes original concepts and design, strategy, tactics, technology, and training.

TwelveX crafts a unique MEG for each nonprofit, working alongside each customer to build, customize and grow MEG in a fraction of the time otherwise required.

Built on three foundational components, Marketing (Story Time), Monthly Giver Recruiting (Go Fish) and Donor Engagement (Terms of Endearment), every MEG program is custom crafted to help nonprofits attract and endear new donors and to better engage current supporters.

In addition to the Story Time, Go Fish and Terms of Endearment building blocks, every MEG program includes:

  • Sherpa Power, TwelveX’s unique "backpack carrying" approach and expertise
  • Cook Book, MEG processes, templates, “screenplays and scripts" in a dedicated, secure online workspace
  • MEG Apps, simple and cost efficient MEG enhancing technology tools.

With TwelveX's turn-key services and training, nonprofits rapidly accelerate from 0 to 60 and avoid costly pitfalls on their way to becoming self-sufficient MEG experts and owners.


Designed for Generations X and Y, MEG appeals to Baby Boomers too

Until now, Baby Boomers’ primary understanding of supporting a cause has been mailing checks in response to direct mail solicitations and attending fundraising galas. Different through their experience, Generations X and Y (current ages 18 through 50) are accustomed to hands-on volunteerism. They have grown-up in a digital and social media world. Gen X's and Gen Y's expect two-way communication and want to be actively engaged with the organizations they support.

Gen X’s and Gen Y’s and their Baby Boomer parents are generally understood to have particularly close relationships with each other. Influence runs both ways. X’s and Y’s are introducing their Moms and Dads to the causes they like and the ways they like to engage with nonprofits.

Enter MEG. Designed for Gen X and Gen Y, she resonates with Baby Boomers too.

But MEG’s appeal runs much deeper than meeting a need for heightened engagement. X’s and Y’s, and Baby Boomers too, are searching for meaning, purpose and belonging. MEG, by definition, helps them find that path.

MEG times twelve

Turn to Monthly Engaged Giving (MEG) for predictable cash flow, peace of mind and to engage donors in a way that is so often missing in other types of fundraising.

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