April 18, 2015
MEG Grows with Young Pros

Given their own giving capacity and those of their personal connections, it’s natural that Executive Board members would be integral to nonprofits’ major gift outreach and capital campaign efforts.

But what about nonprofits’ Young Professional groups?

Some of the fastest growing Monthly Engaged Giving, MEG, programs count young professionals as members and recruiting champions. Their personal networks may not be ready to entertain major gift asks or to buy $2,000 event table sponsorships. With that, for this group, appeals to friends, family, and professionals for modest monthly gifts feel downright comfortable.

It happens naturally, and by design.

MEG grows with young pros.

February 16, 2015
Real Simple

Authentic, clean and easy.


The best monthly giving asks are all that.


Be a Match Maker. Help introduce a waiting Little to their Big every month.


Real simple.

January 11, 2015
Monthly Giveers Are Potential Volunteers

Ok, you’re right. That’s a typo.


It’s logical to think of volunteers as potential monthly givers, but what about monthly givers as potential volunteers?


As Suzanne Perry of The Chronicle of Philanthropy points out in her April 10, 2014 article, “Despite Attempts to Boost Volunteerism, Rate Hits a New Low,” the volunteerism rate in 2013 fell to 25.4% in 2013. That’s the lowest level for that measure since data was initially collected in 2002.


Of course, there are a myriad of potential reasons for the drop. In turn there are probably a wide range of potential actions to improve the volunteerism rate.


Volunteerism is one form of engagement as is monthly giving…so it’s a reasonable hypothesis to think that participation in one form might make a person more likely to also engage in the other.


It’s not commonly discussed, but it sure makes sense. Monthly giveers are potential volunteers.

January 21, 2015
Green Bloods

Who are they?


They are the sweet spot target audience for monthly giving. Their emotional connections to your organization run deep. They are the types of people who inspire others to get involved.


MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, helps you precisely define, target and then methodically engage them as founding members of your monthly giving program.


Green Bloods they are.


The Girl Scouts have them in droves. And, MEG is all about bringing them home.

January 21, 2015
The Young and Frustrated

No, it’s not the name of a new soap opera.


A 2013 study of 2,600 young donors done by Achieve, a nonprofit consulting company, provides a fascinating look at young donors’ perceptions of nonprofits’ websites.


More than 80% of those surveyed have smartphones and use them to read articles and e-mails from nonprofits. Per the study, “three-quarters of those donors said their biggest frustration when interacting with a nonprofit on a mobile device was finding that its site was designed for a desktop, not for easy access on the go.”


They are…the young and frustrated.


MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, a young one herself, feels their pain. That’s why all of her monthly giving program microsites are mobile friendly, built from the ground up with responsive design.

January 11, 2015
TPT and More Monthly Givers ASAP

Some fundraising case stories are so compelling they must be shared. This is one of them.


According to Debra Blum’s April 10, 2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy article, “TV Station Emphasizes Monthly Donations,” Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) has grown from 12,300 monthly givers in 2011 to 28,000 today.


How did they do it?


Leveraging their captive television channel and employing other recruiting techniques including door to door canvassing, they doubled down on their already strong commitment to getting monthly givers.


Call it TPT and more monthly givers ASAP.

March 02, 2015
$133,000 and Counting

Here’s a short fundraising story with a big pay-off…as recounted by Fundraising Success Magazine’s Joe Boland in his March 2014 article, “Live from AFP: 7 Great Reasons to Add Monthly Giving to Your Fundraising”:


“McKinnon (Harvey, longtime expert on monthly giving) relayed the story of when he was working with Oxfam back in the 1980s. He was working late one night, and from across the street, a few of his journalist friends saw his lights still on and invited him over to the restaurant they were at for coffee – as he tells it, because they had no money and needed him to pay for their coffee.


So McKinnon picked up three monthly giving forms for Oxfam and filled out his friends’ information on them. He brought them over, passed each out and told his friends he’d be happy to pay if they’d sign up for monthly giving to Oxfam. One signed up for $15 a month, another for $25 a month and the third for $40 a month.


‘That was $960 a year for Oxfam in exchange for the $15 I spent on coffee that night,’ he said.


One person dropped off after eight years of giving, while the other two continue to give and upgrade. They’ve been giving for more than 35 years and have donated more than $133,000 total. And McKinnon never had to ask them again – they simply signed up for monthly giving and have given every month for 35 years.


‘That’s the power of monthly donors. It’s not a one-off gift,’ McKinnon said.”


$133,000 and counting…now that’s a short story with a big pay-off.

February 02, 2015
A Seed in Every Field

Growing a Monthly Engaged Giving, MEG, program is best done with the methodical, long-term mindset of a farmer.


Think of segments of potential monthly givers as fields. One field may be your organization’s regular volunteers. Another field may be attendees at your annual Gala. And, still another, might be employees at companies that have influential, senior leaders that also serve on your Board.


The most successful farmers of monthly givers systematically prepare their fields. And, they do it by personally recruiting the first opinion leader type monthly givers for each field.


What’s the best fertilizer for a healthy monthly giving farm?


A seed in every field.

November 01, 2014
Did I Mention?

In real estate the mantra is location, location, location.


For fundraisers the equivalent is retention, retention, retention.


Keeping donors year after year is key to building a long-term successful development program. And yet, according to the 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, donor retention rates have declined for seven consecutive years.


MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, was born to help fundraisers reverse the trend.


Her tagline, “She’s so predictable” speaks to one of her benefits.


Directly related is another MEG plus…did I mention retention?

November 01, 2014
The 52%ers

What’s the number one reason donors sign up for monthly giving?


According to an Amnesty International survey of its givers, 52% say convenience.


They love MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, and, she loves them.


They’re the 52%ers and they’re all about easy monthly giving.

October 31, 2014
The Named List

Names have power.


Specific and personal, they give us a connection with one another.


Just writing or saying someone’s name makes the named person more human to the writer or speaker. In terms of fostering empathy and accountability for action for and with others, there is no comparison between a generic group i.e. ‘lapsed donors’ and named individuals i.e. ‘Maggie Moore,’ Matthew McManus,’ ‘Maya Moore’ etc.


One can argue that these principles of empathy and accountability by name hold true across all of our interactions, personal or professional. Fundraising is no exception.


MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, knows the power of names.


That’s why a standard MEG procedure is to develop a specific list of prospects for each monthly giver recruiting channel. And then to screenplay, script, and make "in person" asks of those prospects., whether they be one-on-one, or in small, medium or large group settings.


This isn't her Grandmother's "spray and pray" indirect fundraising approach.


MEG knows that to grow a portfolio of monthly givers quickly, we need to get specific and get personal.


And, it all starts with a Named List.

October 27, 2014
Love for the Marvelous, Modest Many

What if the everyday people could have charitable giving experiences once reserved for big money givers?


Fundraising campaigns have long been conceived as relatively short term endeavors, usually 1-3 years in length and with a dominant focus on courting large gifts from foundations and high wealth individuals.


Those individuals and foundations typically receive a plethora of love and recognition in the courting, gift payment and campaign success celebration phases. They often have their names prominently displayed, and enjoy special “insider” experiences relative to the cause.


MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving campaigns bring that kind of memorable, engaging experience to everyday people.


In contrast to the traditional campaign, MEG programs are perpetual campaigns designed to recruit and engage donors of more modest means, everyday small and medium size donors.


Because monthly givers are predictable long-term supporters their revenue value individually and collectively supports special treatment, custom branded monthly giver communications, special insider news and volunteer opportunities, etc.


A new charitable world is rising. Everyman and everywoman donors are feeling the love too.


MEG is all about those givers…the marvelous, modest many.


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