About TwelveX

TwelveX is the world’s first company dedicated exclusively to designing, launching and growing monthly giving programs.

It’s not monthly giving as nonprofits know it today. TwelveX has taken monthly giving to a new level by creating a breakthrough individual donor fundraising methodology called Monthly Engaged Giving (MEG).

She's turn-key, complete with original concept and identity design, and expert strategy, guidance, tactics, templates, technology and training. TwelveX works alongside each nonprofit customer, training on how to maximize and most efficiently manage MEG. Their expertise becomes your expertise.

Some say necessity is the mother of invention. For TwelveX, it was opportunity and Omar’s nudge.

Through a marketing business, the principals Brandon Schmidt and Jackson Davis saw that most nonprofits have two chronic fundraising problems:

  1. The Hamster Wheel Dilemma
  2. Inconsistent donor engagement

One nonprofit executive director summarized the first problem especially well, "…the challenges of maintaining cash flow and ongoing support…it feels insurmountable. It’s like being on a ‘Hamster Wheel.’"

The epiphany moment was seeing the Schmidt’s sponsored child’s photo (Omar) on the refrigerator, and realizing there was an art and science to building successful monthly giving programs. And, as the Schmidt’s long-term donor loyalty suggested, if monthly giving programs are intentionally crafted and well-executed, they are a solution to the Hamster Wheel Dilemma and a systematic approach to donor engagement.

The opportunity presented by those challenges and the Omar epiphany, together, inspired Brandon and Jackson to develop MEG and launch TwelveX.

About TwelveX Principals

Brandon Schmidt and Jackson Davis, as principals of TwelveX, are committed to the fundraising success of nonprofits. That’s by choice. Their experience is with both nonprofits and for profit companies, but the decision to launch TwelveX was a choice to follow their hearts.

With fifty-two years of combined experience in sales, fundraising, product management and direct marketing, including multiple senior leadership roles, they are exceptionally capable.

Brandon and Jackson are passionate about helping people. By helping nonprofit organizations enjoy the fruits of Monthly Engaged Giving they are bringing their passion to life.


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