Twelve Reasons to Employ Monthly Engaged Giving (MEG)

1. Nonprofits need to win. The work of charitable organizations is too important to fail. And the needs are even greater in down economies. Monthly Engaged Giving is an innovative and often overlooked success component.

2. Monthly givers are 12 times better. Monthly Engaged Giving strategies help nonprofits engage consistent supporters.

3. Cash must flow. Cash flow issues can limit service to those in need, discourage staff and stall important new initiatives.

4. Some risks aren't rewarding. Everybody loves the big donor but smaller consistent givers neutralize risk. Dozens of consistent givers can be the equivalent of a large donor. In insurance terms, it's "spreading risk".

5. People give, programs don't. Monthly giving programs should focus on the giver, not the giving. Details like list maintenance and event planning are important, but not at the expense of relationships with individual givers.

6. Givers are good, engaged givers are better. What's missing from most monthly giving programs are ways to engage givers. A first donation should be the beginning, not the end, of a relationship. Multiple touches demonstrate appreciation and fuel consistent giving.

7. Everybody needs specialists. Monthly giving is too important to trust to generalists. Specialists go beyond the obvious to discover the subtleties that produce results. That includes eyeing trends and studying the psychology of the giver.

8. Capitalize on culture. The cultural landscape has never been riper for Monthly Engaged Giving. Today people are not merely content to send money to a nonprofit. They want to know how their donations are paying dividends. They want to be bonded to the good work being done. Simply put, they want to be engaged.

9. Spray and Pray is short term thinking. This old fundraising adage really needs to be an old fundraising memory. Individual solicitations can no longer be considered one-time events. They are part of a bigger picture with the goal of long-term engagement. 

10. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Successful monthly giving efforts have to be part of the plan. Effective Monthly Engaged Giving programs are built on coordinated marketing, sales and donor engagement plans. While complimentary to other fundraising strategies, they are customized for monthly givers.

11. Technology drives the bottom line. It makes designing, launching and growing a Monthly Engaged Giving program more affordable and resource efficient than ever before. A digital fundraising management and marketing system allows nonprofits to dramatically increase cash flow in volume and predictability. What’s more, over 85% of donors use the internet to keep up with their favorite charities. An investment in fundraising aided by technology just makes sense.

12. Monthly Engaged Giving. Successful Monthly Engaged Giving efforts are more than programs; they’re an answer to prayers. Amen.

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