Board Member

Paul Welsh

Nonprofit board member, Paul Welsh, predicts that monthly engaged giving will be the future of fundraising.
Paul describes how like many business people he has served on five to ten nonprofit advisory boards over the course of his career. He say two things are consistent across those experiences. One is that nonprofits do good work and two is that they are frustrated by cash flow issues. He points out that most money today is raised through events and mailings and that the majority are one-time gifts. While they are good they also are problematic because they set-up cash flow inconsistency.
Paul says that's why he's really excited about TwelveX and what they are doing with their Monthly Engaged Giving approach. It makes cash flow more predictable.
Per Paul, the word engagement is critical and engagement means having a relationship with supporters.
I will certainly introduce Monthly Engaged Giving to the boards I'm on now.

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