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Say Hello to MEG

Her full name is Monthly Engaged Giving, but she prefers MEG.  A transformative, turn-key fundraising methodology, MEG replaces the “yearly transaction” mindset that characterizes most traditional fundraising efforts.

Monthly Giving for Universities and Nonprofits

Monthly Giving Expert

Many universities struggle with the fundraising status quo of declining alumni participation rates and flat annual giving revenue. Likewise, most nonprofits are constantly battling to maintain cash flow and ongoing support and to engage supporters in an enduring way. They describe the problem as perpetually feeling like they are on a fundraising “Hamster Wheel."

MEG offers an intentional and strategic alternative to the Fundraising Status Quo. She helps universities boost alumni giving and participation rates, and reduces the cash flow stress on nonprofits, by producing additional and more consistent giving.

Monthly Giving In-a-Box

Monthly Giving Programs

Some describe MEG as “monthly giving in-a-box." Monthly givers are highly desirable with lifetime values of 6x plus that of traditional donors. And, with 80% plus year-over-year retention for monthly givers versus less than 50% retention for one-time donors, MEG is the poster-child for long-term giver engagement.

MEG comes to life for customers through service packages called MEGaPacks. Each MEGaPack is customized with local flavor and integrates a comprehensive collection of services and deliverables including original concepts and design, strategy, tactics, technology, training, ongoing coaching, and best practices sharing.

Monthly Giving Best Practices

Fast and Built to Last

Launched and producing revenue fast, often within 30-60 days, MEG packages deliver rapid return on investment.

Built to last, all MEGaPacks include ongoing “Sherpa” style support. Through specific deliverables, individual coaching sessions and best practices sharing calls, the TwelveX team helps each customer learn, continuously improve, and consistently execute the MEG methodology.

Experts in University Monthly Giving

MEG’s Engagement Ring

The MEG methodology, represented at a high-level by her “Engagement Ring,” follows a substantive and consistent process around three core components, Story Time, Go Fish, and Terms of Endearment:

  1.  Story Time – Branding/Marketing 
  2.  Go Fish – Monthly giver recruiting
  3.  Terms of Endearment – Stewardship 

Say Goodbye to the Fundraising Status Quo

To learn more about MEG and determine if she’s a fit for your university or nonprofit, make an inquiry or sign-up for one of MEG’s upcoming webinars using the links below.