Bigs and Littles

Big Brothers Big Sisters, one of America’s best known nonprofits has popularized the terms “Bigs” and “Littles” to describe the two parties in the life-changing mentoring relationships they systematically initiate and nurture.

In the fundraising world, “Bigs” are the wealthy donors and prospects that are capable of giving significant time and money now. They are ripe. In contrast, smaller donors or “Littles” are typically more modestly resourced today. They are somewhat green.

But, what inevitably happens?

Littles grow up to become Bigs. They are deeply influenced by the relationships of their formative years. Where they invest their time and money later is shaped by what they experience today.

MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving programs are all about nurturing relationships for the long-term.

It’s the age old story, Littles today, Bigs tomorrow.