Foot in the Door

The “Foot in the Door” technique is based on the repeatedly proven tendency of people that agree to a smaller request being significantly more likely to agree to a subsequent, larger request of a similar type. The explanation given by researchers is that people began to see themselves and their actions as consistent with the initially agreed to request and therefore they agree to the second larger similar request.

Potential fundraising uses are abundant. Recruiting monthly givers is one of the most underestimated and highest impact applications. In this case, a small step really does become a giant leap.

Just how giant?

When asked about the benefits of monthly giving, Adrian Sargeant, fundraising guru and Professor at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, was quoted saying, “Lifetime values (of monthly givers) are 600-800 percent higher than would be the case in traditional annual fund giving.”

And that’s before the biggest leap of all…

Organizations with long established monthly giving programs report that as many as two thirds of their planned gifts come from donors that started out as monthly givers.

Monthly giving, it’s a foot in the door and a whole lot more.