MEGables July 2018 - Volume 11...Go for Lovegevity

Go for Lovegevity

If you commit to build a monthly giving program, aim high. Go for lovegevity.

Lovegevity™ [Luv-jev-ity] n.

1. Intersection of love (“authentic engagement”) and monthly giving longevity.

2. Embodiment of the ideal relationship between a giver and a cause. The giver derives benefits including gratification and even profound joy. The cause benefits from the predictability of support and the lifetime dollar value of the donor’s giving.

3. Benefit of ongoing application of Monthly Engaged Giving (MEG).

An important first step toward lovegevity is creating a special name for your monthly giving program. Ideally, the name will be especially compelling to your supporters because it includes a cause specific signal word or words that wouldn’t make sense if it were used as the monthly giving program name for most other organizations. Examples include Match Makers for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Spartans United for San Jose State University (mascot is Spartan), and Daisy’s Circle for Girl Scouts (Daisy is the nickname of their founder).

By inviting monthly givers to be part of a “special team” as signaled by a signature name, you are fertilizing the ground from which love (engagement) will grow.

Growing those first seeds into love and ultimately lovegevity is not easy. It requires a long-term commitment to systematic, ongoing and endearing communications and special member opportunities.

The fruits for the giver and for the cause are substantial and profound.

Go for lovegevity.

The Happy Meal

MEG knows her friendship psychology.

Put an entrée, side item, drink and toy in a colorful box.

Give it a simple lovable name and what do you have?

The Happy Meal.

Conceived by Bob Bernstein of Bernstein-Rein Advertising, the Happy Meal helped McDonalds minimize the problem of kids picking at their parents’ food, simultaneously entertaining kids and buying parents precious moments of peace.

Fabulously successful since its 1979 introduction in the United States, it’s a delightful product story with marketing lessons for businesses, universities and nonprofits alike.

*Substance - A full meal at a reasonable price, a box and toy with entertainment value and shelf life and the intangibles of convenience and family peace. That’s a recipe for repeat customers.

*Engagement – Kid friendly stories, colorful illustrations and pictures, and factoids on the box coupled with a toy to take home. What kid wouldn’t be asking Mom and Dad to eat at McDonald’s?

*Packaging – The box is the vehicle for the substance and the engagement. It brings it all together for ease, convenience and fun!

Development Leaders: Are you craving a colorfully packaged, substantive, and engaging fundraising program (meal) for the 90% plus of your givers that give less than $1,000 a year?

Introducing…The MEG (Monthly Engaged Giving) Meal, a substantive integrated package of services and giver engagement that makes life easier and more peaceful for development teams and donors alike. And the best part is that the MEG Meal keeps givers coming back month after month.