Love for the Marvelous, Modest Many

What if the everyday people could have charitable giving experiences once reserved for big money givers?

Fundraising campaigns have long been conceived as relatively short term endeavors, usually 1-3 years in length and with a dominant focus on courting large gifts from foundations and high wealth individuals.

everyday people many.jpg

Those individuals and foundations typically receive a plethora of love and recognition in the courting, gift payment and campaign success celebration phases. They often have their names prominently displayed, and enjoy special “insider” experiences relative to the university or cause.

MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving campaigns bring that kind of memorable, engaging experience to everyday people.

In contrast to the traditional campaign, MEG programs are perpetual campaigns designed to recruit and engage donors of more modest means, everyday small and medium size donors.

Because monthly givers are predictable long-term supporters their revenue value individually and collectively supports special treatment, custom branded monthly giver communications, special insider news and volunteer opportunities, etc.

A new charitable world is rising. Everyman and everywoman donors are feeling the love too.

MEG is all about those givers…the marvelous, modest many.