March Madness Mojo

Fundraising insight often comes from unexpected places…

Each year, in March, tens of millions of people are captivated by the NCAA Basketball tournament.

Some say the tournament, commonly known as “March Madness,” captures the best of sports… compelling personal stories, underdogs, teamwork, etc.

That said, few would disagree that the most passionate followers of March Madness are the students and alumni of participating schools. Week after week, they jump, scream and even pray in support of their team. They relive the memories for years. And yes, they’re the same folks who fly their school colors by their front door and have license plate frames and sweatshirts proudly proclaiming their university allegiance.

Some refer to college as the formative years. It is a time of discovery and a chance to spread one’s wings.  It’s rich with memories. For many there is a powerful favorable connection with one’s college.

That enduring, emotional bond gives MEG confidence that college alumnus, when given convenient and compelling opportunities, will sign-up to become monthly engaged givers in droves.

Observing the March Madness passion of college alumni, it's easy to picture alumni getting started as monthly givers and continuing for a lifetime.

MEG’s a believer for good reason.

Call it MEG’s March Madness Mojo.