MEGables February 2018 - Volume 6...Pitch with Persuasive Power Words

Pitch with Persuasive Power Words

As we all know, words are powerful. They often make the difference between yes and no. Five words that have been cited as the most persuasive are: you, because, free, instantly and new.

What's an example of a proven, successful monthly giver recruiting pitch that uses persuasive power words?

"Become a Match MakerMatch Makers are monthly givers. As a Match Makeryou help create a new match every month. Your steady support provides the resources to recruit Bigs to match with waiting Littles, kids like insert first name of specific Little featured in narrative, and to help those friendships thrive over time. Because of the steady giving of Match Makers...generous people like younew life-changing friendships are created every month and the lives of kids like insert name of specific Little are instantly changed... forever."

Persuasive verbiage...right? And, we are providing that example without any cost to you. It's free. Please do employ persuasive power words in all your appeals, monthly giving and others, too.

Pixar's Practically Perfect Pitch

Arguably the greatest story teller of our time is Pixar Animation Studies.

Since 1995 Pixar has released seventeen films with total gross proceeds of $9.5 billion plus. Eight of them won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Toy StoryFinding Nemo, and The Incredibles are three of their most widely celebrated movies.

Pixar formula once a upon a time 43793552_m reduced.jpg

So...what can fundraisers learn from Pixar?

You may be surprised to know that Pixar has a "story formula" of sorts. 

Emma Coats, a story artist who previously worked at the studio, suggests that every 

Pixar movie shares the same narrative structure...and, thanks to Coats, it's publicly available:

Once upon a time ____________________________. Every day, _______________. One day ________________________________. Because of that, _____________________________. Until finally _____________________.

Call it Pixar's practically perfect pitch.

Like Pixar's acclaimed films, the best monthly giving programs have a repeat-able formula for the telling and selling of their great monthly giving program stories.

Think of it as a custom-crafted master screenplay and script for monthly giving asks.

What's your pitch?