MEGables January 2018 - Volume 5 Built to Last...Part 3 of 3

Built to Last...Part 3 of 3

Monthly giving programs are only as strong as the giver experiences they deliver and as the people and processes that guide and systemize them.

Some programs are shooting stars that rise and quickly burn out. Others steadily grow and then hit a plateau, where they linger. The special ones are those that take flight and keep growing year-after year.

What do the special ones have in common?

Long-term thriving monthly giving programs are intentionally launched and strategically nurtured with special care for the three Ps: Product, People, and Process. 

Product - As described in, MEGables Volume 3.

People - As described in the previous edition, MEGables Volume 4.

Process - Product and people together are usually enough to propel monthly giving programs to a first major milestone of say 100 monthly givers or so. Beyond that point, minor problems become major headaches that siphon away resources and energy that could be invested in growing membership faster and better engaging members. The third P, Process, is the most critical P for facilitating the efficient scaling of your monthly giving program. 

Process is what prevents the program from plateauing and backsliding as so often happens after that first milestone is reached. The visionary leader understands the vital importance of that process structure and insists that a master monthly giving program "how-to" guide be created, followed, and regularly fine-tuned. Process is the not-so-secret formula for scaling new monthly giver sign-ups and for "Systemizing the Love" for all members.

The three Ps working monthly giving programs are built to last.

Fresh Ingredients


They are the emotional and intellectual hooks that attract and endear monthly givers. First, they draw us in and then they remind us of why we are giving to the mission.
It's one thing to prepare a few stories that inspire supporters to become monthly donors.

Experts in Monthly Giving

But that's where 99% of monthly giving programs stop. They miss the    uber-valuable ongoing supporter engagement opportunity.
What's the disconnect?

Consistent, ongoing monthly giver engagement takes careful planning. Historically, that stewardship process including capturing impact stories to share with donors, was tedious, time consuming and expensive.

Times have changed. Thanks to ever-improving technology and innovative thinking, setting up an efficient system to engage donors, including producing and sharing new stories is significantly easier and less expensive than ever before. 

Everyday smart phones allow for quick and easy capture of video and digital photos on the same camera. On the story sharing side, social media and site content management systems give the stories a vehicle for virtually instant sharing. 

Additional tools like e-mail, text and user-friendly apps help universities and nonprofits leverage stories across multiple mediums. 

Monthly givers can access stories and special member content according to their own schedules and preferences.