MEGables September 2017 - Volume 1...Pattern Interupt

Replace "Fork-in-the-Road" with "Pattern-Interrupt"

Often, when individual donor asks are made, monthly giving is not mentioned at all, or it is offered almost as an afterthought. And, when monthly giving is presented, too often it is proposed merely as a "Fork-in-the-Road" option.  

The "Fork-in-the-Road" presentation, in condensed form, sounds something like this, "You can make a one-time gift...and here are a few suggested gift amounts or you can make a recurring gift by checking this box." That approach rarely inspires us to become monthly givers. Why? Because we are creatures of habit. We stick with what we know, the familiar pattern, the comfortable. Since we are most familiar and comfortable with giving one-time gifts, it is a comfort zone for us. And, unless a catalyst or "Pattern-Interrupt" of some kind, prompts us to do something different, we stay in our "one-time gift" comfort zones.

A "Pattern-Interrupt" is, as the term suggests, a different take, a unique and compelling perspective. In the case of an individual donor ask, it would be a fresh and engaging explanation of the case for monthly giving in general and as it specifically relates to the mission.

Below is an example of a pattern-interrupt explanation that makes the case for monthly giving.

"Over time, Franciscan University has learned that traditional one-time gifts, while important and much appreciated (slight pause...) are inconsistent from year-to-year. By contrast, monthly giving tends to be highly predictable. Franciscan also has learned that eclectic or one-time giving often translates to you, our supporters, not consistently feeling engaged with the mission in a meaningful way."

"We launched our monthly giving program, Franciscan Fire, to invite alumni, parents and friends to experience a deeper share of the mission. Monthly givers...people just like you, form a loyal group of supporters - a marvelous team that moves the mission forward. With the generosity of this team of dedicated givers, that mission comes to life... educating students in Christ. Forming souls. And sending forth joyful disciples. Monthly giving is an easy, bite-size, and engaging way for you to be an ongoing and consistent part of this most important mission."

Props and Cues

What makes it easier to do the right thing in the best way at the right time?

Props and cues do.

On the stage, at work, and in virtually every facet of our lives, we use them to stay on track. In their absence we tend to act inconsistently, often making things up as we go.

Monthly Giving Expert

Sometimes impromptu is good enough, but when it's not, we want our props and cues.

For development teams every ask is an important one. That is why every MEG (Monthly Engaged Giving) program includes customized ask screenplays with specific props and cues like welcome gifts, pledge forms, and memorable calls to action.


So when MEG says to mind your P's and Cues, she's not just saying, she's doing.