MEGables April 2018 - Volume 8...Power Up

Power Up

Are you hitting the proverbial brick wall in persuading senior leadership about the importance of investing in monthly giving? Or perhaps your monthly giving program has plateaued and you're wanting to strategically re-engage leadership and your team?

If so, it may be time for a power-up. That's gaming vernacular for earning more of the right resources to help you get where you want to go.

Before deciding how to power-up, take a step back. Pause and survey your leadership's fundraising priorities landscape. What are the top three fundraising priorities for this year? 

It wouldn't be a surprise if some variation of "meeting this year's total dollar goal" and "major gifts totaling $_____________" are on that top three list. Why? Because hitting dollar goals is how leaders keep their jobs and getting big dollar gifts are almost always the fastest possible way to get to a near-term dollar goal.

 So...what's our power-up recommendation? 

Attach your case for monthly giving program investment to senior leadership's top priorities. Most commonly that means helping them to remember something they intuitively already know, which is that the people they are targeting for major gifts are part of a finite group that needs to be replenished. And those people haven't always had the capacity or the inclination to give major gifts. It took time and engagement to get them to that point.

Every giver is somewhere in the pipeline. There may be 5-10% of all givers that are major gift ready now. Monthly giving is a way to systematically acquire, lovingly engage, and perpetually grow the other 90%...the rest of the pipeline. That's the case for investment. It's real and it resonates with leadership.

Call it pipeline power-up persuasion.

Energizer Bunnies

They just keep giving and giving and giving and giving.

And, it turns out that they keep giving even after their batteries are drained.

There are several fascinating insights about monthly giving in a classic monthly giving focused Chronicle of Philanthropy article titled, "Monthly Giving Can Add Up to Robust and Steady Revenue for Charities" (March 10, 2013).

One that is particularly intriguing is the below description of monthly giving's long-term impact on planned giving.


"...about two thirds of the donors that have made pledges to her (the) organization in their wills are monthly donors."

It's commonly known that monthly givers are famously loyal, long-term donors with a typical giving tenure of five-plus years and that their life-time values are seven times those of traditional one-time/eclectic givers.


But who would expect that their generosity continues beyond the grave?

Energizer bunnies, they are.