The St. Bernard Principle and Monthly Engaged Giving

Your community is in need of more affordable housing. 

Which nonprofit do you call?

Picture yourself scrolling through a directory of nonprofits in your area. Listings might include Big Brothers Big Sisters, a local Food Bank, the Salvation Army, an International Medical Relief organization, the Boys & Girls Club, etc. All of them are important and good organizations.

With that, when it comes to building homes for those in need, there’s one nonprofit on your mind. It’s Habitat for Humanity.

In his book, the St. Bernard Principle, the late Paul Welsh describes “Why Specialists are the Alpha Dogs in Business.” And, Welsh’s insights, working tools, practical examples and even the dog analogy are every bit as valuable in the nonprofit world.

Just as a St. Bernard probably wouldn’t be your first pick for a lap dog, you aren’t likely to turn to the local Boys & Girls Club for help solving your community’s affordable housing problem.  Your natural decision is to go to the expert, the best of breed. In this case, that’s Habitat for Humanity.

So how does specialization relate to monthly giving?

Monthly giving remains a largely untapped fundraising opportunity for universities and nonprofits. Most monthly giving programs lack substance. They are generic in presentation and process. And, in most cases, there is little thought given as to how to handle ongoing engagement once alumni and supporters become monthly givers.

 It’s no surprise that generic monthly giving programs aren’t very compelling to donors.

Specialization suggests a significant and unique depth of expertise, resources and experience. To be recognized as an expert or specialist in any area, focus and preparation is required.

So if your university or nonprofit wants the benefits that monthly givers bring, you should be barking… and acting like the right kind of dog. MEG, Monthly Engaged Giving, helps you do just that. She’s a turn-key methodology that includes training and resources to help make you and your university or nonprofit monthly giving experts and specialists in short order.

Do it right and supporters will love you and give to the university or cause generously and faithfully for many years.

What’s not to love when you’re the right kind of dog?